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"Women are taking a leadership role in society and at home!

The Future is female. Love & Obey is leading the way as the most revolutionary, breakthrough, and fastest growing relationship guide in today's modern society! This International Bestseller is now available for the first time ever in trade paperback. This book teaches women how to make men obedient to them. In this revolutionary new guide, you'll learn how a Female Led Relationship will fulfill your needs, desires, and behaviors. Plus, listen to this Men report 97% of the time that they are getting more satisfaction, sexual and otherwise, than ever before since experiencing Loving Female Authority."

“I didn't know how Josh would take it when I told him I wanted to try a Female Led Relationship. I told him to read Love & Obey. Today, we're living a dream relationship and we both couldn't be happier.”
Olivia, 32

“I think most men are raised by the mothers and Loving Female Authority is not really as foreign to them as you would imagine. We live the Love & Obey lifestyle and it's really working for us. he shows his love to me everyday.”

Sophia, 28

"I always tell women that there is only one thing they should ever ask from a man. When they ask me what that one thing is, I tell them    OBEDIENCE!"
- Marisa Rudder, Author
Reader  Feedback

“I like to think of myself as a good guy but my marriage was on the rocks. I bought Love & Obey for my wife and I learned that if I love my wife, I will obey my wife and do what she wants. Now we're both happier than ever.”

Lucas, 27

“I was afraid of Female Authority, when I first heard about it. I thought it was some dominatrix kind of thing. I imagined something dark and perverted. That's not what Love & Obey is about at all. I learned that obedience to me is an expression of my man's love for me.”

Ava, 38

“Love & Obey changed everything for us. We are both proud of who we are and my obedience to my wife just makes everything run smooth. A happy wife really does means a happy life.”

Aiden, 42

“My husband worships me as his Goddess and does everything I ask

from him. I reward him with more love than he can handle.”

Stephanie, 38


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