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"When a man desires a woman it gives her a decisive advantage over him. Because of man's natural desire for women, men have been handed over to women. Men can be taught to love and obey."
- Marisa Rudder, Author
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Couples Love Female Led


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“Hi Marisa! Thank you ever so much for introducing my fiance and I to this wonderful relationship tool! My man has never been so loving and caring and I’ve never been so sexually satisfied. Your techniques really work. At least that’s what we’ve gathered personally and from all the positive reviews of your new book. For the most part, we both love it. My husband has turned into a regular Romeo. At first I had to train him to think right, so I got him Real Men Worship Women, and now he understands that sex is for my pleasure and his pleasure should could from satisfying me. Before he read Real Men Worship women, he used to say things like, 'why do you get to cum so many times and I cum so little.' Now he understands how it works and he has submitted to my female authority so much more. He behaves perfectly now hoping I'll give him an early release. I love it.

- Monica, 28

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"My wife and I have been in a female led relationship for about 6 months and I realize that I am still struggling with submitting to her authority over me because of my upbringing. This book has really helped me to reprogram my mind to accept her leadership and learn to be more submissive to her. Submitting to Female Authority

is not how I was raised. In my family my father was in charge but my parents also got divorced and I ended up having a terrible time in my teens in a broken home. I have seen through personal experience that women are much better communicators and much better at managing relationships than men. Since we have been in a female led relationship, we have never been happier."

- Jeffrey, 33

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“I like to think of myself as a good guy but my marriage was on the rocks. I bought myself Real Men Worship Women and Love & Obey for my wife and we learned about FLR and one really important point "If I really love my wife, I will obey my wife and do what she wants to make her happy." Now we're both happier than ever.”

- Lucas, 27

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"I knew what my husband needed and I knew I was going to enjoy giving it to him. I lay him down on the couch with a bed pillow to hold on to as he prepares himself for his disciplining. I begin with my hand which gives a firm swat. I have learned to spank him as hard as I can until he can barely stand it. A good hand spanking makes his backside numb so the later swats become less painful. He knows I am in charge and that I rule over him. He knows he will be more obedient and respectful of my authority over him. This book has taught us both everything we needed to know about spanking and male discipline. It's been fantastic for our relationship."

- Kathy, 29

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"My wife and I have been married for about 3 years and I felt like our sex life had become dull. I talked to my wife about the idea of trying some swinging. At first, she was really against it but then we saw this Swinging book and decided to buy it. I told my wife that we should investigate it. At first she was not enthusiastic at all but she agreed to read it with me. When she started to hear about how popular it was and all the benefits that psychologists say it can offer to a couple, she became more interested. This book really helped change our thinking and open us up to the more more modern idea of "consensual non-monogamy" needless to say we decided to give it a try and we haven't looked back since.

- Jeffrey, 33

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"I have been leading our marriage for a long time but we wre not in a formal female led relationship and I really wanted to make it more official. However, we have young children and I was oncerned about

how it may impact them. I bought Marisa's book and realized that gender stereotypes and patriarchal gender biases are so much worse than gender freedom and instilling feminist values and respect for women in my children,. Now we are all living in a female led family and the kids are amazing becasue they are free now to be themselves and we are all thriving. It was exactly what we all needed in our family.

- Jennifer 31

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"My girlfriend suggested that I read this book. She said that in her relationship she is the final decision maker, as well as the Queen of the home, she said it is very fulfilling and exciting on so many levels. I was not even aware that a female led Relationship was a possibility. Yes, we all know the woman is the boss in many families. It's just not expressed so publicly. In a Love & Obey FLR, both partners are proud of the arrangement."

- Monique, 26

“I didn't know how Jessica would take it when I told her I wanted to try a Female Led Relationship. I told her that I had read Real Men Worship Women and that she should read Love & Obey. These books really changed our lives. Today, we're living a dream female led relationship and we both couldn't be happier.”
- Michael, 32

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“I was so nervous, my boyfriend said he had a fantasy and he wanted to watch me have sex with another man. At first I thought it was just some weird phase he was going through, but he kept on pushing it on me. Finally, I decided that I should find out more about it, so I looked online and found this Cuckolding book. After reading it, I discovered that what he was fantasizing about was common for many men. After thinking about it, I realized that I could have my cake and eat it too, so I set something up with a guy I knew from work and we both had a great time. Now we're enjoying our Cuckolding lifestyle."

- Yini, 21

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“I bought Marisa's book and my husband a Chastity Device for an early Christmas present. He had tried to get me interested in keeping him locked up. But everytime he would bring it up I would shy away because I just thought it was really weird and I didn't want to get into some kinky lifestyle. But after he kept asking and I did some research, I realized that it's not that weird and thousands of couples are doing it and they seem to love the results. So last Christmas I decided to go for it and I'm glad we did. So far, we both love using it. Ironically,I am loving it more than he does. I learned so much from Marisa's book, I found out that I should feel justified in controlling him by increasing his wait for his release and his orgasms. It seems the longer I tease him and make him wait the better behaved he becomes. He treats me with incredible respect and is eager to please me so that he can earn his release and be allowed to orgasm. He behaves so much better now and I come home to a clean house and a man who is ready to go down on me for hours. And when I do allow him to have sex he is so grateful and he has such huge orgasms that he wakes up the whole neighborhood screaming.

Vicki, 34

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"I never really thought much about oral sex for women, but when a lady I really liked said, "You are selfish and don't really think about me." I asked her why she said that and she answered, "We've been having sex for six months and you never went down on me once. I go down on you but you never do me." So I thought I better learn more about oral sex for women. So I got the book and soon I understood what she meant. It's a whole new world of sex now and we are both enjoying oral sex as much as intercourse. This book showed me the best positions and and best ways to give her mind blowing orgasms. It's everything I need to know about oral sex to keep my lady really satisfied. Believe me, she's not complaining anymore."

- Dante, 29

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“I read Love & Obey and learned how to live and act like a goddess. Now my husband worships me as his goddess and does everything I ask from him. I reward him with more love than he can handle. It's definetly working for us.”

- Stephanie, 28

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"I wanted to improve my oral sex skills, and I saw this book on Amazon. Many times, after my wife has had a long day and maybe she's not in the mood to have intercourse, I’ll tell her to relax and start giving her a head-to-toe massage. I always hope it’ll end up with intercourse, and sometimes it does, but if it doesn’t, she can no longer resist me going down on her becasue now she knows I know what I'm doing now and she knows she'll be climaxing."

Martin, 34

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"A girlfriend of mine is married and has a great husband and she always seems so happy. So I asked her, "Is being married really that damn good?" She told me, "No, traditional marriage sucks!" But then she said she was in a Love & Obey Female Led Marriage. On top of that she said that her husband also likes to be cuckolded. I was shocked. She recommended this Love & Obey book series to me and I have been reading about FLR. It is changing my way of thinking about my lifestyle and patriarchal upbringing. My friend is really the happiest woman I know. She is treated like a Queen and obviously really enjoys her sex life. I'm looking for a guy who wants to live an FLR with me too. I'm still on the fence about cuckolding."

- Rebecca, 33

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"My wife and I have been married for about 7 years when we came across the Love & Obey Book Series. We read Love & Obey and Real Men Worship Women first and that got us started on our female led relationship adventure. We kept adding books and each one took us to new places and new experiences. The biggest book for us was Cuckolding. When my wife and I read that and we agreed that she should try it, we were very nervous but we followed Marisa's advice and it was an intense experience that my wife and I both enjoyed. We just saw Marisa's new book, Swinging, and my wife agreed that we should give it a try together.  We found a swinging party and the first time my wife and I engaged in a full swap and we really enjoyed it. Now we have switched from Cuckolding to swinging parties and she lets me take a walk on the wild side with her. What can I say I guess I am am really lucky to have such a generous Queen. We both really enjoy the lifestyle now and having outside partners together. 

- Patrick, 34

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"We were curious about cuckolding so we read this book. At the time, we were friends with a guy, who I worked with and we both liked him. He was good looking and cool, and we all hung out on the weekends together. When Laura and I were having sex I'd talk dirty to Laura about fucking him. She is really into talking dirty especially when she is close to orgasm. One night after hours of drinking and smoking weed with our friend Anthony. She suddenly reached between his legs and grabbed him. He looked at me and I just smiled for some reason. Then Laura dropped her panties, lifted her dress and arched up to guide him into herself. Soon he started pounding her as I watched. We went from talking and reading about the fantasy - to living it and we were hooked on this cuckolding lifestyle"

- Timothy, 24

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"I never believed that females were superior to males, until I met Stephanie and I saw how incredible she is as a leader. She is so decisive and makes great choices in life. Far better than the choices I usually make. Still, It was difficult for me to fully accept female superiority but with Turning Point and the help of these powerful Love & Obey Affirmations, I have overcome my male ego and accepted women as being better leaders than men. I feel so much more relaxed and happier now in a Female led lifestyle. I suggest this book to any man struggling with their ability to fully submit to their wives or girlfriends. Trust me full submission is awesome and a big turn on for us as a couple. Our Female Positive Sex Life is off the Charts!"

-Michael, 36

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"I have been in a female led relationship for two years and I realize that the relationship was mostly based on incredible sex with my girlfriend. It was more of a femdom sexual fantasy than a real FLR. Now we have reached a point where we want the female led relationship to move beyond a fantasy into a real lifestyle experience that we live on a daily basis. We want to live FLR in all aspects of our lives. My girlfriend and I are planning to get married and we definitely want it to be a female led marriage. Both of our parents are divorced and we know patriarchal relationships simply don't work. So I am really grateful for this book. It helped me to overcome my American macho male ways of thinking and accept a female led thought process. I also realize that my girlfriend is incredibly sexual and we will need to live a female positive sex life which will include her cuckolding me or us hotwifing together. Either way it turns me on and I know she's loving it."

- Craig, 34

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"Philosophically, I am a liberal and a feminist. I believe in Female empowerment. I also know from my mother and father that women are better than men in many ways. My belief in feminism led me to check out Marisa's Real Men Worship Women and after I read that book and my wife read Love & Obey we started our female led relationship. When I heard about Marisa's book , Mommy's In Charge | How to Raise Kids in a Female Led Family. I started to see the true importance of breaking down gender prejudice and sexist roles in our kids. I now believe in the real superiority of women to lead families and society to guide us to a better world. I am excited that our children are being raised in a female led family and learning about loving, respecting and accepting Female Authority as a better way of life."

-Devon, 35

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“I think most men are raised by their mothers and Loving Female Authority is not really as foreign to them as you would imagine. My husband and I now live the Love & Obey lifestyle and it's really working for us. He is respectful and obedient and shows his love to me everyday. I have become his Queen and he thinks only about my pleasure. Female Led Relationships are really a dream come true for me. I am so much happier now in this female led lifestyle than I have ever been in any other relationship. I really can't imagine why every woman doesn't want one. "

- Sophia, 28

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“I was afraid of Female Authority, when I first heard about it. I thought it was some dominatrix kind of thing. I imagined something dark and perverted. That's not what Love & Obey is about at all. It is really more of a regal fantasy, where men are knights and they treat their women like Queens. I learned that obedience to me is an expression of my man's love for me.”

- Ava, 38

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“I was so nervous. I had no idea what women wanted when it came to Oral Sex. So I decided to read Oral Sex For Women! The first time I tried out some of the techniques and positions on my girlfriend, I could see that she was pleasantly surprised. About a week into it, she asked me, "Where did you learn how to go down like that. You were amazing?" Needless to say, I'm not nervous about going down anymore!"

- Jason, 21

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“When I bought Love & Obey for my wife and Real Men Worship Women for me, it changed everything for us. We are both proud of who we are and my obedience to my wife just makes everything run smooth. A happy wife really does means a happy life. We just enjoy each other so much more now. There is no more fighting and everything runs like a clock. Plus our love life has gone to new heights.

- Liam, 42

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If you have a need or a desire for spanking and want to learn from a wonderful book and a no-nonsense professional, I highly recommend Queen Marisa's Spanking Book. My husband fell into the latter category.  Although I knew he had what seems like a lifetime of desire to be spanked I had never acted upon it with him until recently.  After reading Love and Obey and my husband read Real Men Worship Women, we were well into our Female Led Lifestyle. She is very honest and straightforward about who she is, and what she is trying to accomplish. She really lives and believes in a Female Led Lifestyle.  She is a real no-nonsense straight shooter!  I was convinced her book was the perfect choice to get my husband and I into spanking and male discipline. Boy was I right, after reading the book, I began spanking my husband every time he was disrespectful, or had a lapse in his obedience and disobeyed me. His behavior improved dramatically and what was amazing, he was thanking me for improving him and straightening him out. He said he craved being my perfect man and thanked me for helping him to get to that point.

- Simone, 32

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"I was wondering how Queen Marisa could top her previous  books like Love & Obey and Real Men Worship Women. I was worried this would just be some rehashing of old points. But Queen Marisa made this book  “bigger and better” and continued adding fresh insights into male and female led relationships and our sexuality.

Queendom: The Ultimate Guide to a Female Led Relationship builds on what Marisa’s readers already know and enjoy about the Love & Obey Female Led Relationships."

- Candice, 29

"I am a devoted follower of Queen Marisa. She changed my life with Love & Obey and Real Men Worship Women. I was so excited to read Queendom. It surpassed my expectations. Wow, I love and accept the idea of female rule of relationships and marriage and even the whole world.

Queendom: The Ultimate Guide to a Female Led Relationship shows us why women are truly superior and why men need to learn to love, obey and serve them as our Queens. This is a great book and I'm hooked on Female Led Life."

- Thomas, 22

"My husband and I started reading Queen Marisa's books about 2 years ago. She changed our life. It all started with Love & Obey and Real Men Worship Women. It started slowly but soon, I became Rick's Queen and he learned to obey and serve me. I was of course super happy being treated like a Queen but it was interesting Rick was happier than I had ever seen him in his life. It was like he really found his purpose. Queendom: The Ultimate Guide to a Female Led Relationship is now taking us to the next level - and that's pretty high because our relationship and sex life is already off the charts."

- Becky, 32

"Every day I follow LOve & Obey and check out the posts on Twitter and Youtube. They are really inspirational for me. I'm trying to accept myself as a Queen and I'm getting there. I think my boyfriend wishes I would become more dominant quicker but it's a big change. I do love being his authority figure and running the show. 

Queendom: The Ultimate Guide to a Female Led Relationship has inspired me to take it up a notch in my relationship. I am taking more control and my boyfriend loves it - and so do I."

- Zoe, 24




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These books will give you the rules to follow for a successful female led relationship. In female led life, a woman intoxicates her man with her charms, she uses him, she wantonly plays with him, she shows him no pity, the more faithless she is (cuckolding and hotwifing) the more she sees that he desires to love and worship her. This is how it has always been since the beginning of time. The new age of Female Empowerment is dawning and it is a very exciting time for couples. FEMALE LED RELATIONSHIPS are growing in popularity at a record breaking rate. Start your FLR today.