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Turning Point is a Revolutionary Book of Female Led Life Affirmations
Join us in our Love & Obey Female Led Sex Positive Community
and Discover Just How Amazing Female Led Life Can Be!
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Affirmations are used to create life transformations. Just like the power of "Positive Thinking" and the "Law of Attraction" my Love & Obey Affirmations will transform your life, specifically the state of your relationship or marriage. The great thinkers of the past taught us that "what you think, you become." In my book, Turning Point, men will learn how to use my Love & Obey Female Led Life Affirmations to achieve 100% submission and discover a new happier way of female led life.

Complete submission can be a real challenge for men because of the Patriarchal Belief System is so prevalent in our Western Society. Turning Point is going to help men extinguish their patriarchal thoughts and open door to a beautiful Matriarchal Belief System. Men will finally acknowledge female superiority and submit to loving female authority over them. They will accept a female led world, eliminate their male egos and agree to positive female sexual freedom. The future is female and more and more women are enjoying the benefits of a wonderful Love & Obey female led lifestyle. More and more women are experiencing the joy of having a completely obedient gentleman who places female needs first while worshipping them like goddesses and serving them like  Queens.

In their hearts, men know females are superior. Today, more and more men are embracing their secret burning desire to submit to women. However, man-made patriarchal thinking still holds some good men back. Turning Point uses Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and my powerful Love & Obey Affirmations to reprogram male minds. Men learn to accept the Matriarchal Belief System and finally accept females as their superiors. The inner male conflict and turmoil caused by man's futile attempt to control women disappears and men warmly embrace complete submission to loving female authority.

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