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Marisa Rudder was born in Port of Spain on the beautiful tropical Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago. As a child she attended all girl Catholic schools, beginning in the elementary grades all the way through high school where she attended St. Joseph's convent. After Trinidad, Marisa moved to Toronto and found life was very different. 

Marisa found her feminist belief's in Canada, a Patriarchal North American country, were a major stumbling block for her as she tried to succeed in a so-called man's world. Feminism appealed to her but she never felt comfortable with the male hating dogma that so many hard core feminists preached. Marisa loves men and she actually hung around more with men than women after attending her all girl Catholic high school. With her new exposure to the male gender in college, she began to develop a love and a respect for men but she also began to realize that men have many weaknesses. She began to feel that the women she had grown up with in her all girl Catholic schools possessed higher levels of moral character, compassion, nurturing and a superior intellect to the majority of men she met in her co-ed Universities. It was during her University years that she she began to develop many of her ideas of female equality and even female superiority. She kept most of her thoughts and evolving philosophy to herself, trying her best to fit in to this new male dominated society. It would be during her competition with men in sports, University and business that she would realize that she was equal to or superior to her the majority of her top male classmates. She began to realize that women are great leaders and should lead relationships.

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