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Love & Obey is available for the first time ever in trade paperback for those who prefer a paper book.

Kindle E-book

The same great book, if you prefer to read it on your electronic tablet.

Learn what a Female Led Relationship is really all about and why couples blossom with it.

An eye-opening guide to why men need to love and obey women in the new female led social order.


Why do men secretly desire to shed outdated beliefs and finally accept a Female Led relationship?


Mother's raise children and that's one reason why this the most natural way to live as a couple?


Today, women are becoming more empowered and men are realizing that women are becoming more dominant and more and more good men are ready to obey them.

International Feedback

“Love & Obey teaches you a simple how to approach to the re-training and re-programming of your husband or boyfriend. He will learn that if he truly loves you, he will obey you and this will change your relationship into a never ending honeymoon.”

Amelia, Manchester 28

“ In our case, it was a simple case of me being a dominant woman and my boyfriend being a submissive man and everything fell  into place naturally after reading Love & Obey.”

Brandt, Munich, 47

“Love & Obey shows women how to de-program that traditional male dominating conditioning  and then how to re-program him to accept and enjoy Loving Female Leadership as the new social paradigm.”

Jeanne, Paris 32

“Love & Obey explains the advantages for a relationship when the lady is leading the marriage or long-term relationship. A Female Led Relationship ensures that the household benefits from streamlined decision making by the woman..”

Alexandra, Copenhagen 36


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