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Why Open Relationships Appeal to Women?

Consensual Non-Monogamy is the "New Monogamy" for a Female Led Lifestyle

Stop drowning in outdated patriarchal morality and start really living life to the fullest in an open female led relationship. Discover a modern day friends with benefits lifestyle.

In the 1970's men enjoyed wife swapping and that became synonymous with the swinging lifestyle. Today, everything has changed. Now women lead the way at swinging parties and clubs. We may live in the twenty-first century, but the truth is we are still struggling to end patriarchal society. Open female led lifestyles help change the view of women as compliant housewives aimed at sexually pleasing their man. Now men are focusing on sexually satisfying their Queens, often with the help of other men. Men are becoming accustomed to following their Queen's as leaders and nowhere is this more true than in the modern swinging lifestyle.

In the Swinging Female Led Lifestyle, the roles of men and women are reversed with the women taking control of most if not all aspects of an Open relationship. Love & Obey ladies  establish the rules, dictate the commands, deliver discipline and give men approval as to what they are allowed to do. In a Love and Obey lifestyle men follow their Queen's lead every step of the way and this is true in today's swinging lifestyle as well.

Female led couples are no longer drowning in patriarchal morality. Men accept that women are sexually superior and encourage their cuckolding, hotwifing and swinging. Femdom is welcome in the swinging lifestyle and it provides another opportunity for ladies to flourish and enjoy a healthy boost to their self-esteem.


Nothing is sexier than a strong, confident woman who knows exactly how to get what she wants from her man and nothing can help a woman build self-confidence as quickly as the awareness that she’s sexually desirable to many men and women and that she is going to have sex with whoever she desires. Love & Obey women know that their men are going to accept their Queen's sexually open lifestyle because they can not endure the thought of living without her.

There is another side benefit, many Love & Obey women enjoy swinging because they have a bisexual or bicurious side to them. Swinging gives them the possibility to explore their sexuality to the fullest without being judged. In my book, you will learn that most swinging communities are open to girl-on-girl play, so this lifestyle offers an easy and safe way to give it a try.

One thing to keep in mind is that most women interested in cuckolding, hotwifing or swinging are in love with their men and happy in their Female Led Relationship. She simply wants to try something new, even if it is delightfully painful to her man. She knows her open sexuality will fortify her position as Queen and make her man love her even more.  Learn all about the new swinging female led lifestyle in my new book.

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